DELF DALF French exam



The Delf and the Dalf are official diplomas, in French, issued by the Ministry of National Education and certify skills in the French language. They are unlimited in duration.

DELF/DALF exams all take place in Saint-Malo.


It is an official, quality diploma, harmonized on the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This diploma is recognized worldwide, and it is valid for life.

Depending on the level passed, the DELF can enhance a curriculum vitae (CV), and make it easier to get a job in a company where the spoken language is French.

The DELF B1 allows you to obtain French nationality. The DELF B2, and more and more the DALF C1, allow students to enter French, European or French-speaking universities, and certain High School.

Alliance Française Bretagne

The Alliance Française Bretagne is a center approved by the Rectorate of Rennes for taking French as a Foreign Language exams and French language exams. These diplomas and certifications are recognized internationally and are accessible for all levels of the French language. Sessions are available throughout the year.